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ICONS #18 // WaT

Hi there~

Not the promised Junno icons yet, because...... before I could upload them somewhere them on Wednesday, my comp broke down and I lost all of them >___>
I'll redo them next week ^-^~

For now I give you WaT animated icons~
They're for jpv10 and have been finished since the beginning of December but my claim was approved only today~ so I didn't posted them yet ^-^

Soooo, here we goo~

name: marlenem
artist: WaT
genre: JPOP
PV: Hava rava

x comment and credit if take, please
x no editing!
x enjoy~
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kame - losing focus



Good evening/morning/day/whatever time of the day you have now~ XDD
It's 1:55am here~ Whoa o(*-*)o Which means I'm sleepy and tired and insane and stuff...

Guess what I made in the weekend~? A mood theme with Yamapi~ I hadn't found any downloadable Yamapi mood themes so I decided to make one, maybe there's someone who is in big need of it ~^-^~
This is the first time I tried to do a mood theme............... and for a long-long time the last time too XDD It made me lotsa headache XDDD~

The downloadable file contains 129 icons (WTF I know I made 130, I just don't know where one of them disappeared @_@ Even when I checked them on my list, they werw 130. But still.... :S
The one who finds out which one is missing, gets cookie from me XDDD)

BTW I didn't made 130 129 variations. Some moods have the same icon (like aggravated & annoyed).

x comment and credit if take please~!
x do not edit them
x do not claim them as your own
x enjoy~
x scans are from boys_paper and yamapi_daily

.zip file (Ripway)